premium alkaline drinking water

Water Quality

Independent analysis of the quality of the water indicates that this is a high quality mineralized water. The presence of a balanced mineral content and the alkaline pH indicates that this water can be considered a health product.

Pristine region yet 5KM from Highway 1


This water source property is located in a valley close to the town of Salmon Arm, BC within the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The valley is surrounded by mountain ranges on two sides and descends a distance of around 5km toward Shuswap Lake.

Natural Spring Water - Alkaline - High Quality Mineralized - Highly Palatable

Extremely Rare Water Source Property

unlimited supply at its current flow rate


The full flow rate of the drilled water source together with the approved license for the use of the water as a commercial drinking water product will allow for the production of 37.4 million 500ml bottles per annum.

suitable for sale in highest market sectors


In the inspector and consultant’s opinion, the value of the entire property and the related businesses on it should include the following: The residential valuation of the property and existing buildings;

alkaline - Lightly Mineralized - Highly Palatable - High Desolved Calcium

Extremely Rare Water Source Property

Premium Natural Alkaline Water Source Land for Sale

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